The text-decoration property describes decorations that are added to the text of an element.

The text-decoration CSS property is used to set the text formatting to underline, overline, line-through.

Underline and overline decorations are positioned under the text, line-through over it.

CSS Syntax

text-decoration: none | underline | overline | line-through | initial | inherit;

Let's see an example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
       <title>Title of the document</title>
               text-decoration: underline;
               text-decoration: overline;
                text-decoration: line-through ;
       <h2>This is text-decoration example.</h2>
       <p>Some paragraph with the line-through property.</p>

       <div> Example for the text-decoration property. </div>


Property Values

Value Descriptions
none It produces no text decoration and removes any decoration.
underline It draws a horizontal line below the text.
overline It draws a horizontal line above the text.
line-through It draws a horizontal line through the text.
initial It makes the property use its default value.
inherit It inherits the property from its parents element.

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