How-to articles, tricks, and solutions about GIT

How to Push an Empty Commit in Git

Dive deep into the quirky realm of empty Git commits. Discover why and how to push an empty commit, and when it might just save your day (or at least your code)!

How to Add a Submodule in Git

Working with submodules is a common practice in Git. Here, we will represent to you the commands that will help you to add a submodule to a repository.

How to Make Git Forget About a Tracked File Which is Now in .gitignore

Read this git tutorial and learn how you can force Git to forget about a file that was tracked but is now in .gitignore list.

How to Programmatically Determine if there are Uncommitted Changes in Git

If you’re searching for a right answer to the question of programmatically determining whether there are uncommitted changes or not, check this tutorial.

How to Reference the Initial Git Commit

This Git tutorial will provide you the best and appropriate explanation concerning the question of referencing the initial commit in a git repository.

How to Properly Rename a Directory in a Git Repository

This tutorial will provide you the simplest and appropriate explanation concerning the question of properly changing a directory name in a git repository.

Best and Safe Way to Merge a Git Branch into Master

Cannot find a best and safe way for merging local branch into master? Check this tutorial which opens up the right method you need for solving this problem.

How to Find a Deleted Line in Git

This tutorial provides several solutions to when the line once existed in a specified previous git commit was deleted. Choose the right answer for you.

How to Use Patch Files in Git

This tutorial will help you solve the problem of generating a git patch for a specific commit. Find the solution by running the command lines step by step.

How to Merge Local Uncommitted Changes into Another Git Branch

Read this tutorial and find solution to the question of merging local uncommitted changes from one Git branch into another. Also, read important tips.

How to Checkout the Previous Branch in Git

This tutorial provides an easy way of checking out the previous branch. Find a shortcut to the command line to save your time and an experimental solution.

How to Move Git Branch Pointer to Different Commit

Read the tutorial to learn several techniques of moving branch pointer to different git commit without checkout and the essential tips one should encounter.

How to Search Git branches for a File or Directory

Read this tutorial and learn what are the basic git commands that can suggest a solution to the problem of searching for a file of a directory by a path.

How to Copy a Version of a Single File from One Git Branch to Another

orial and find several solutions to the problem of copying a version of a single file from one branch to another. Also, read important tips.

How to Preview a Merge in Git

This tutorial provides two solutions to the question of previewing the actual merge output in Git. Read about peculiarities of git merge and a lot more.

How to Revert All Local Changes in Git Managed Project to Previous State

Read this tutorial and know how you can solve your problem of reverting all local changes in Git managed project to previous state with most used commands.

How to Automatically Resolve Git Merge Conflicts in Favor of Any Side

Read this tutorial and solve the problem of resolving git merge conflicts in favor of pulled changes. Get overall understanding of Git merge strategies.

How to Stash an Untracked File in Git

Read this tutorial and solve the problem of stashing untracked files including ignored files in .gitignore. Find method presented by Git new versions.

How to Undo Pushed Git Commits

Read the tutorial and learn the solution to one of the most frequent questions concerning the method of reverting already pushed commit with simple command.

How to Show the Changes which Have Been Staged in Git

Read this tutorial and know which commands are used to make it possible to show the changes which have been changed. Other methods are also discussed.

How to Stash Only One File out of Multiple Files that Have Changed in Git

In this tutorial you will get the answer to the question of how to stash only one file among multiple files. Read and choose the method best suited to you.

How to Revert "git rm -r"

This tutorial provides the information of answering to the question of reverting git rm -r, and differences between reverting git rm -r . and git rm.

How to Delete a File or a Directory from a Git Repository

Sometimes it is necessary to delete a particular file from your git repository. Learn how to do it following the guidelines presented in this tutorial.

How to Create a Remote Branch in Git

It is often necessary to create remote branches in Git. This snippet will provide you with essential information on how to create a remote git branch.

How to Revert a Merge Commit Already Pushed to the Remote Branch in Git

On this page, you will find a short tutorial on how to revert a merge commit that is already pushed to the remote branch. Just follow the commands below.

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