How-to articles, tricks, and solutions about GIT REVERT

How to Reset or Revert a File to a Specific Version in Git

There are cases when you need to revert or reset a file to a specific version. With the help of this tutorial you will easily manage it.

How to Revert a Git Repository to a Previous Commit

Read this tutorial and learn how to temporarily switch to different commit, hard delete unpublished commits, and undo published commits with new commits.

How to Revert a Merge Commit Already Pushed to the Remote Branch in Git

On this page, you will find a short tutorial on how to revert a merge commit that is already pushed to the remote branch. Just follow the commands below.

How to Revert All Local Changes in Git Managed Project to Previous State

Read this tutorial and know how you can solve your problem of reverting all local changes in Git managed project to previous state with most used commands.

How to Undo Git Merge

In this snippet, you will find out how to undo git merge in a relatively fast way.

How to Undo Pushed Git Commits

Read the tutorial and learn the solution to one of the most frequent questions concerning the method of reverting already pushed commit with simple command.

How to Undo Recent Commits in Git

Git has a lot of greatest advantages and one of them is considered undoing recent commits. Find several ways of undoing changes and get a copy of the codes.