String Word Count

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Use String Word Count to count the length of words in just one click. It only displays word count. To know the word count of your writing, simply copy and paste the text or write directly into the input textarea above and get the number of the string.

This tool can also be helpful for students since there are usually limits for homework assignments.

This tool is especially very useful when you are writing something that has a word limit. Knowing the number of words can help writers or bloggers to better understand how many words they should include in their content which helps to improve SEO.

Word count helps to improve SEO

SEO analysts say that an average of 600–700 words is choice and it is a good number of words that bring traffic. According to Forbes, sites with less than 300 words per page are considered ‘thin’ by Google standards.

So you should always be on track and count the content of your website with this easy tool. String Word Count will always work fast and provide your desired result in just one second!