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How to Delete a File or a Directory from a Git Repository

Sometimes it is necessary to delete a particular file from your git repository. Learn how to do it following the guidelines presented in this tutorial.

How to Make Git Forget About a Tracked File Which is Now in .gitignore

Read this git tutorial and learn how you can force Git to forget about a file that was tracked but is now in .gitignore list.

How to Remove a Git Submodule

With the help of this tutorial, you will learn how to remove an unwanted Git submodule easily.

How to Remove Files from Git Commit

This tutorial will help you get the answer to the question of removing files from git commit based on different scenarios. Also, read about used commands.

How to Revert "git rm -r"

This tutorial provides the information of answering to the question of reverting git rm -r, and differences between reverting git rm -r . and git rm.

How to Stop Tracking and Start Ignoring in Git

This snippet explains how to stop tracking and ignore changes to a file in git.

How to Unstage a Deleted File in Git

This tutorial will give the answer to the question of unstaging a deleted file in Git in a right and easy way. Also, read about git checkout and git reset.