How-to articles, tricks, and solutions about GIT STASH

How to Discard Unstaged Changes in Git

The tutorial provides you with information you need to discard the unstaged changes in the working copy. Find several ways of discarding and get the codes.

How to Force Git Pull to Override Local Files

This tutorial will show you how to force git pull in case of untracked files which will be overwritten. Find important tips to avoid unwanted mistakes.

How to Merge Local Uncommitted Changes into Another Git Branch

Read this tutorial and find solution to the question of merging local uncommitted changes from one Git branch into another. Also, read important tips.

How to Move the Recent Git Commits to New or Existing Branch

This tutorial provides you with useful information about how to move the latest commits to a new or existing branch, without changing the original branch.

How to Revert "git rm -r"

This tutorial provides the information of answering to the question of reverting git rm -r, and differences between reverting git rm -r . and git rm.

How to Stash an Untracked File in Git

Read this tutorial and solve the problem of stashing untracked files including ignored files in .gitignore. Find method presented by Git new versions.

How to Stash Git Changes

Don’t know how to stash the dirty state of the working directory and save it on a stack of incomplete changes? See how to stash with the given steps.

How to Stash Only One File out of Multiple Files that Have Changed in Git

In this tutorial you will get the answer to the question of how to stash only one file among multiple files. Read and choose the method best suited to you.

How to Undo Git Stash Pop Resulting in Merge Conflict

This tutorial will give the answer to the question of undoing git stash which results merge conflict in detail. Read about stashing and merge conflicts.