How-to articles, tricks, and solutions about GIT STATUS

How to Add a Submodule in Git

Working with submodules is a common practice in Git. Here, we will represent to you the commands that will help you to add a submodule to a repository.

How to Find a Deleted Line in Git

This tutorial provides several solutions to when the line once existed in a specified previous git commit was deleted. Choose the right answer for you.

How to Programmatically Determine if there are Uncommitted Changes in Git

If you’re searching for a right answer to the question of programmatically determining whether there are uncommitted changes or not, check this tutorial.

How to Search Git branches for a File or Directory

Read this tutorial and learn what are the basic git commands that can suggest a solution to the problem of searching for a file of a directory by a path.

How to Show the Changes which Have Been Staged in Git

Read this tutorial and know which commands are used to make it possible to show the changes which have been changed. Other methods are also discussed.

How to Stash Git Changes

Don’t know how to stash the dirty state of the working directory and save it on a stack of incomplete changes? See how to stash with the given steps.

How to Stash Only One File out of Multiple Files that Have Changed in Git

In this tutorial you will get the answer to the question of how to stash only one file among multiple files. Read and choose the method best suited to you.

How to Undo Git Add

Sometimes, it is necessary to undo something while working in Git. Find your fast solution for undoing git add in this snippet.