How-to articles, tricks, and solutions about MERGE CONFLICTS

How to Automatically Resolve Git Merge Conflicts in Favor of Any Side

Read this tutorial and solve the problem of resolving git merge conflicts in favor of pulled changes. Get overall understanding of Git merge strategies.

How to Copy a Version of a Single File from One Git Branch to Another

orial and find several solutions to the problem of copying a version of a single file from one branch to another. Also, read important tips.

How to Merge a Specific Commit in Git

Sometimes it is necessary to merge a specific commit in Git. The below-given snippet is aimed at showing you how to do it in a rather fast and easy way.

How to Merge Two Git Repositories

In this tutorial, you will find out how to merge several projects in a single repository without losing history. Get the essential information and codes.

How to Preview a Merge in Git

This tutorial provides two solutions to the question of previewing the actual merge output in Git. Read about peculiarities of git merge and a lot more.

How to Undo Git Stash Pop Resulting in Merge Conflict

This tutorial will give the answer to the question of undoing git stash which results merge conflict in detail. Read about stashing and merge conflicts.