How-to articles, tricks, and solutions about GIT REMOTE

Best and Safe Way to Merge a Git Branch into Master

Cannot find a best and safe way for merging local branch into master? Check this tutorial which opens up the right method you need for solving this problem.

How to Checkout a Remote Branch in Git

In the framework of group work, coworkers need to access each other’s repositories. Learn how to do it with the help of git checkout here.

How to Clone a Single Branch in Git

Sometimes it is necessary for developers to clone just a single git branch. This short tutorial will help you to clone a single and specific branch in Git.

How to Clone into a Non-Empty Git Directory

This tutorial provides an easy way of merging the files of the remote repository into the local non-empty directory. Read and find useful information.

How to Delete Already Merged Git Branches

Know how to delete already merged git branches to keep your repository clean and easy to browse and how to exclude branches you do not want to delete.

How to Delete Remote Git Tags

Reading the following tutorial you will get familiar with tagging in general, the usage of the git tag command, and two ways of removing the remote tag.

How to Import Multiple Projects into a Single Git Repository

In this tutorial, you will get an answer to your problem of managing multiple projects into a single repository step by step with the most used commands.

How to Make the Current Commit the Only Commit in a Git Repository

In this tutorial, you will get the codes of how to make the current commit as an initial one in one repository. The case of submodules is also discussed.

How to Merge Two Git Repositories

In this tutorial, you will find out how to merge several projects in a single repository without losing history. Get the essential information and codes.