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Deprecated HTML Tags

What does "deprecated" mean?

Generally, "deprecated" means something disapproved. In IT, deprecated elements are the ones that are allowed, but not recommended and are being replaced by newer ones. So, if you see a "deprecated code", it just means that it is not recommended to use, because there is a better alternative in that software that should be used instead.

Deprecated HTML Tag List

<acronym> Tells the browser that the characters it contains are an acronym or abbreviation. <abbr>
<applet> Defines embedded Java applet. <object>
<basefont> Specifies the default font size and color of the text. It can be used several times inside the <head> or <body> tags.
<big> Increases the font size by one conventional unit. CSS styles
<blink> Creates an enclosed text, which flashes slowly. animation
<center> Aligns the content to the center. text-align
<dir> Defines a list of directory titles. <ul>; list-style
<embed> Used as a container for external applications, multimedia and interactive content that the browser doesn’t understand. <object>
<font> Defines the font characteristics. CSS styles
<frame> Defines a specific window, a frame, where we can load another web page. <iframe>
<frameset> Defines the structure of a frame, number of columns and rows, and how many percent/pixels it will occupy in a frame.
<isindex> Displays search strings in the current document. <form>
<noframes> Contains an alternate text to be displayed in browsers that do not support frames.
<marquee> Creates a scrolling text or an image. animation, transform
<menu> Defines where to open the link. <ul>
<plaintext> Tells the browser, that its content must be displayed as an ordinary text without formatting. <pre>
<s> Defines a text, which is not relevant anymore. text-decoration
<strike> Defines the strikethrough text. <del>, <s>, CSS styles
<tt> Defines text to be displayed in monospace or fixed-width font as it would appear on a teletype or typewriter. font-family, <kbd>, <code>, <spam>
<u> In HTML 4.01 specifies an underlined text. In HTML 5, specifies text that is stylistically different from normal text. text-decoration

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