The <rp> tag specifies an alternative text, displayed in the browsers, that don't support the <ruby> tag defining ruby annotations, which are often used in Japanese publications.

The <rp> tag is one of the HTML5 elements.

The browsers that support the <ruby> tag, don’t display the text inside the <rp> tag. The <rp> tag is placed before or after the <rt> tag, which defines the annotation of the text in the <ruby> tag.


The <rp> tag comes in pairs. However, the closing tag isn’t required, if it comes the last.

Example of the HTML <rp> tag:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Title of the document</title>


rp tag example


The<rp> tag supports the Global Attributes and the Event Attributes.

Browser support

chrome firefox safari opera
5+ 38+ 5+ 15+
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