HTML <strong> Tag

In this chapter we will learn about the <strong> tag.

Sometimes when we write some text we need to separate some important text. We use <strong> tag for that important text in HTML.

The <strong> tag comes in pairs. Which means that it has opening (<strong>) and closing (</strong> ) tags.

The important text which we want to be separated must be written between opening (<strong>) and closing (</strong> ) tags.

Let's see the example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>Title of the document</title>
      <p>Some  simple paragraph.</p>
      <p>Paragraph with <strong>important text</strong> which we write with the strong tag.</p>

Here is the result:

You can see all phrase tags below:

Tag Descriptions
<em> It renders as emphasized text.
<strong> It defines an important text.
<dfn> It defines definition term.
<code> It defines a computer code piece.
<samp> It defines a sample output from a programming code.
<kbd> It defines keyboard input.
<var> It defines a variable.


The <strong> tag also supports the Global Attributes