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HTML <data> Tag

The <data> tag is a new element in HTML5. The tag is used to define machine-readable analogue for the specified data (a standardized version, understandable to automated systems or scripts on the website).

This may be useful in cases when the data should be in a particular format necessary for running scripts, but you don’t want your users to see this format. For example, you want to display a list of products for your users to choose from. Each product has its ID, but you don’t want to show this information to your users. Then you place the product IDs in the <data> tag, and the machine will process this information and show users the product with the corresponding ID.

We recommend to use the <time> tag. If the value is date or time related.


The content of the <data> tag is being placed between the opening (<data>) and the closing (</data>) tags.


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Title of the document</title>
    <p>Refrigerated drinks</p>
        <data value="1545325112">Coca-Cola 500ml</data>
        <data value="1545325113">Coca-Cola 330ml</data>
        <data value="1545325114">Coca-Cola Light 330ml</data>



Attribute Value Description
value machine-readable format Sets the machine-readable version of the contents of the <data> tag.

The <data> tag also supports the Global Attributes and the Event Attributes.

Browser support

62+ 22+ 49+

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