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HTML <small> Tag

The <small> tag decreases the text font size by one size smaller than a document's base font size (from medium to small, or from x-large to large).

In HTML font size is measured by conventional units from 1 to 7. By default, the average font size of the text is three units. Furthermore, the size of the font depends on its type. For example, Arial font is bigger than Times but smaller than Verdana.

The <small> tag usually contains the items of secondary importance such as copyright notices, side comments, or legal notices.

You can put <small> tag into another <small> tag, thus the font of the text is minimized in correspondence with the “depth” of the content.


The <small> tag comes in pairs; the content is written between opening (<small>) and closing (</small>) tags.


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Usage of the SMALL tag</title>
    <p>The interest rate is only 10%*</p>
    <small>*  per day</small> /



The <small> tag supports the Global attributes and the Event Attributes.

Browser support

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