Deprecated HTML Attributes

The attributes presented below are deprecated, i.e., they are no longer used in the mentioned tags and are replaced by other attributes that you can find in the "Alternate" section of the table.

Attributes Description Deprecated in Alternate
align Specifies the alignment of the element <caption>, <img>, <table>, <hr>, <div>, <h1>-<h6>, <p> CSS text-align, float and vertical-align properties
alink Specifies the color of an active link in a document <body> CSS active Pseudo Class
background Specifies the background image <body> CSS background-image Property
bgcolor Specifies the background color <body>, <table>, <tr>, <td>, <th> CSS background-color Property
border Specifies the width of the border <img>, <object> CSS border-width Propert
clear Clears any right or left alignments <br> CSS clear Property
compact Specifies that the list should render smaller than normal <ol>, <ul>
height Specifies the height of the element <table> CSS height Property
hspace Specifies the whitespace or padding on left or right sides of an element <img>, <object> CSS padding Property
language Specifies scripting language <script> The type attribute
link Specifies the default color of the links <body> CSS link Pseudo Class
noshade It specifies that a horizontal line should render in one solid color (noshaded) <hr>
nowrap Specifies that the text should not wrap within the table cell <td>, <th> CSS white-space Property
size Specifies the initial width for the input field and a number of visible rows for the select element <basefont>, <font>, <hr>
start Specifies the starting point of the ordered list <ol> CSS property counter-reset
text Specifies the color of the text <body> CSS color property
type Specifies the type of list <li> CSS list-style-type Property
value Specifies the value of the list item <li>
vlink Specifies the color of visited links <body> CSS visited Pseudo Class
vspace Specifies the whitespace or padding above or below an element <img>,<object> CSS padding Property
width Specifies the width of the element <hr>,<pre>,<td>,<th> CSS width Property

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