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How Does the Access-Control-Allow-Origin Header Work

Read this tutorial and learn about how the Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header works. Also, read about CORS, the origin, and non-simple requests.

How to Add an Anchor Link to Jump to a Specific Part of a Page

Learn how to create an anchor link to jump to a specific section of a page, and how to link to the anchor from another webpage. Also see how to style the jumping anchor link with examples.

How to Add an HTML Button that Acts Like a Link

There are several ways to place a clickable button on a webpage that will be linked to another page of your website. You can add inline onclick event to HTML button tag, or input tag.

How to Add Image in the Title Bar

Make your website look more attractive by using favicons in the title bar. See how favicons are created and find more information about them.

How to Add Telephone Links with HTML

In this snippet, you will find out how it is possible to add telephone links with HTML. See examples and try to add and style telephone links by yourself.

How to Change Cursor on Hover in CSS

Learn about the ways of changing the default cursor. See funny tricks to do with cursors and set images and icons as a cursor on your website.

How to Change Link Colors with CSS

Learn about how to change hyperlink colors, inline and external methods with examples. See also how to give different styles to your anchor link and to change underline color with examples.

How to Change the Style of the "title" Attribute Within an Anchor Tag

Since actually, we cannot style the “title” attribute inside an anchor tag, we suggest using some other methods of styling the tooltip inside an anchor tag.

How to Check for a Hash Value in a URL Using JavaScript

Read this tutorial and learn the fastest and simplest way of checking for a hash value in the URL using the window.location.hash method in JavaScript.

How to Create Ajax Submit Form Using jQuery

This tutorial provides several methods of creating an Ajax submit form using jQuery easily. Read about the differences of the GET and POST HTTP methods.

How to Create an Image Slider or Slideshow

Learn how to create an image slider/slideshow/carousel to display images on your website. Learn how to do it with only CSS and in the second part, learn to do it with JS. See examples.

How to Create CSS Gallery Without Using JavaScript

It turns out it is totally possible to create a simple CSS gallery without using Javascript. In this article we are going to show you how to do that with only HTML or CSS.

How to Create Mailto Forms

Learn about how to create a Mailto forms with examples. See also the advantages that Mailto forms can have.

How to Create Mailto Links

Learn about how to create a Mailto link in HTML step by step with examples. See also the downsides that Mailto links can have.

How to Disable Links on the Current Page with Pure CSS

Learn how to disable links on the current page using pointer-events and user-select properties. Also, find examples!

How to Display the Hidden Element on Hovering Over Hyperlink or <a> Tag

Learn How to Display the Hidden Element on Hovering Over Hyperlink or <a> tag. With this article, you can learn how to show the hidden elements.

How to Dynamically Change Template URL in Angular JS Directives

TemplateUrl can be not only a value. It can be a function with any arguments, which returns a value as URL. See how it looks.

How to Embed PDF in HTML

Learn how to embed PDF documents in HTML using the a and iframes tags, and make PDF files not downloadable with W3Docs. Practice with examples

How to Encode JavaScript Object to Query-String

Read this JavaScript tutorial and learn useful information about the two widely used methods that are used for encoding objects to query strings easily.

How to Get Current URL in JavaScript

Read and learn how to get the current URL in JavaScript by using Location object properties. Also, gain an understanding about URL and its components.

How to Get Query String Values in JavaScript

On this page, you can find fast and simple solutions on how to get query string values in JavaScript. Just follow the examples given below to make it work.

How to Get URL Parameters

Read this JavaScript tutorial and learn how you can easily get the URL parameters with the help of the methods provided by the URLSearchParams interface.

How to Insert Video in HTML

See how to use <video> and <iframe> tags instead of the <embed>, <frame> and <object> tags. Learn how to set video autoplay. Practice with examples.

How to Make a Div a Clickable Link

On this page you can see how to make a <div> element a clickable link.

How to Make Button onclick in HTML

If you want to make a button onclick, you need to add the onclick event attribute to the <button> element. Learn How to Make Button Onclick with Examples.

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