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How to Add an HTML Button that Acts Like a Link

There are several ways to place a clickable button on a webpage that will be linked to another page of your website. You can add inline onclick event to HTML button tag, or input tag.

How to Change Cursor on Hover in CSS

Learn about the ways of changing the default cursor. See funny tricks to do with cursors and set images and icons as a cursor on your website.

How to Change the Input and Button Images with CSS

It may be difficult to style buttons, especially when we need to change them to images. You can change buttons to images with <input> and <button> elements.

How to Create 3D Flipping Animation on a Box/Card with CSS

Learn how to create 3D flipping animation effects horizontally and vertically. See also how to make flipping books, cards, lists and menus.

How to Create a Responsive Login Form in Navbar with CSS

Apparently, all websites have login forms and millions of people log in every day. Create a login form in navbar for your website in an easy way using just HTML and CSS.

How to Create Button with Line Breaks

Learn different ways of how to create buttons with line breaks. See also how to give styling to them with examples.

How to Create Flashing/Glowing Button Using Animations in CSS3

Know how to create a flashing/glowing button with the help of CSS. Also, see examples!

How to Get the Value of a Textarea using jQuery

Read this tutorial and learn useful information about how you can detect the value of the HTML <textarea> element easily using one of the jQuery methods.

How to Hide the HTML5 Number Input’s Arrow Buttons

In this tutorial, you will read and learn several methods that are used to hide HTML5 arrow buttons from the number input with the help of CSS properties.

How to Make Button onclick in HTML

If you want to make a button onclick, you need to add the onclick event attribute to the <button> element. Learn How to Make Button Onclick with Examples.

How to Remove Focus Around Buttons on Click

In this snippet, you can see how to remove the focus around a button on click. To solve this problem, you use the CSS outline property with the “none” value.

How to Right Align a Button with CSS

In this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to align a button to the right with CSS. For that purpose, you need to use the CSS float property with its “right” value.

How to Style Buttons with CSS

Nice and attractive buttons can fill the overall look of your website. Learn how to create and style buttons with the help of CSS. Also, see lots of examples!

How to Style Input and Submit Buttons

In this snippet, you will find out how to style input and submit buttons easily. Use various CSS properties to achieve this goal. Read the snippet and try examples.

How to Style the HTML File Input Button with CSS

Create and style file input with HTML and CSS in a tricky way. Follow the given steps and create code without including any JavaScript.

How to Style the Selected Label of a Radio Button

In this snippet, learn how you can style the selected label of a radio button. For that, you need to use the CSS :checked pseudo-class and some properties.

How to Use and Style Icons with Pure CSS: An Ultimate Guide

Style Font Awesome icon color, size, shadow, create buttons and lists, animate, rotate and position icons. All in one place with detailed examples.

How to Use the "required" Attribute with the Radio Input Field

Read this snippet to find out how you can use the “required” attribute with the radio Input field. Here, you can also find an example and try it yourself.

Is It Possible to Nest an HTML <button> Element Inside an <a> Element in HTML5

In this snippet, learn whether it’s possible to nest a <button> tag within an <a> in HTML5. To have a button linking to somewhere, you need an alternative solution.

Send value of submit button when form gets posted

In PHP, you can access the value of a submit button when a form is posted in the following way: