How-to articles, tricks, and solutions about CURSOR

How to Change Cursor on Hover in CSS

Learn about the ways of changing the default cursor. See funny tricks to do with cursors and set images and icons as a cursor on your website.

How to Create a Typewriter Text with Pure CSS

You must agree that a text that looks like it is being typed across the screen looks quite attractive. Did you know that you can apply a typewriter effect to your own text by using pure CSS? Now we are going to do that together, step by step!

How to Disable Links on the Current Page with Pure CSS

Learn how to disable links on the current page using pointer-events and user-select properties. Also, find examples!

How to Make the Cursor a Hand When Hovering Over a List Item

CSS suggests a variety of versions of a cursor. Learn how to create and make the cursor hand when the user hovers over a list item in different ways. See examples!