How-to articles, tricks, and solutions about NAVBAR

How to Align the Last Bootstrap Menu Item to the Right

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how you can align the last menu item to the right in Bootstrap. Read the snippet and find some solutions to this problem.

How to create a drop-down navigation menu with CSS

Learn how to create a drop-down navigation menu with <ul> tag. Create your code step by step and try examples!

How to Create a Fixed Navbar with CSS

Fixed navbars have conquered the internet! Know how to build a sticky navbar for your website with the simplest technique found in the tutorial.

How to Create a Responsive Login Form in Navbar with CSS

Apparently, all websites have login forms and millions of people log in every day. Create a login form in navbar for your website in an easy way using just HTML and CSS.

How to Create Animated Menu Box With Icons

Animations are definitely the key to success on the website! Read this super easy tutorial and create your beautifully animated navbar with nice icons step by step.

How to Select All Child Elements Except the Last One

Sometimes, you may need to select all the child elements except the last element. For that purpose, you can use the :not and :last-child pseudo- classes.