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AngularJs Blocks Form Submit without "action"

AngularJs Blocks Form Submit without "action"-In general, AngularJs blocks the form submit, because of empty "Action".

Form Validation Using JavaScript

Incorrect information leads to bad user interactions. So as to prevent this problem, read and learn how to validate forms with the help of JavaScript!

How to Align Labels Next to Inputs

In this snippet, you’ll learn how to align <label> elements next to <input> elements. Align labels to the right and left of inputs by using CSS properties.

How to Check a Radio Button with jQuery

Read the tutorial and learn the right way of checking a radio button with jQuery. Also, read how to handle with different versions of jQuery while checking.

How to Create a Popup Form Using JavaScript

Read this JavaScript tutorial and learn how to create popup login, contact, multiple popup logins in one page and other forms on your website with examples.

How to Create a Responsive Iframe with CSS

If you want to make your iframe responsive, read our tutorial and find out CSS tricks and frameworks you need to use for creating a responsive iframe.

How to Create a Responsive Login Form in Navbar with CSS

Apparently, all websites have login forms and millions of people log in every day. Create a login form in navbar for your website in an easy way using just HTML and CSS.

How to Create Ajax Submit Form Using jQuery

This tutorial provides several methods of creating an Ajax submit form using jQuery easily. Read about the differences of the GET and POST HTTP methods.

How to Create Contact Form With CSS

Create a contact form for collecting user’s contact details and opinions about your website. Follow the steps and create a contact form with CSS in a simple way.

How to Create Mailto Forms

Learn about how to create a Mailto forms with examples. See also the advantages that Mailto forms can have.

How to Disable Form Fields with CSS

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how it is possible to disable form fields with some CSS. For that, you can use the pointer-events property set to “none”.

How to Disable the Browser Autocomplete and Autofill on HTML Form and Input Fields

Learn how to prevent browsers auto filling the input fields of HTML forms. Use autocomplete="off" to specify that autocomplete is disabled. See examples.

How to Get the Value of Text Input Field Using JavaScript

Read this tutorial and learn about several methods of getting the value of the input textbox value without wrapping the input element inside a form element.

How to Remove and Style the Border Around Text Input Boxes in Google Chrome

Use outline: none to remove the ugly border color for a form field in Chrome. Learn also how to give your own style for showing that the box is active. All with examples.

How to Reset File Input with jQuery

In this tutorial, you will read and learn useful information about the fastest method of resetting a file input by using some HTML and jQuery methods.

How to Set Default HTML Form Focus Without Javascript

In this tutorial, you’ll see how to set the default HTML form focus. This can be done without Javascript. For that, use the HTML “autofocus” attribute.

How to Validate an E-mail Using JavaScript

Read this tutorial and learn a fast and easy solution to the issue of validating an email using JavaScript. Also, you will read about what the email is.

Input Types for HTML Forms

Learn about mostly usedLearn about mostly used input types which are used when creating HTML Forms. See Syntax and examples. input types which are used when creating HTML Forms. See Syntax and examples.