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AngularJs Directive Isolated Scopes

Find useful information about AngularJs directive isolated scopes in this snippet. Know what isolated scope is, how to create it and read about scope property.

AngularJs Directive Scope '&' Method

The “&” operator allows you to invoke or evaluate an expression on the parent scope of whatever the directive is inside of. Learn with W3docs tutorial.

Basic Knowledge About AngularJs Services and Factories

AngularJs suggests Services and Factories to have global actions and variables for controllers and for many other AngularJs components. Gain a basic knowledge about AngularJs services and factories.

Bind value between Service and Controller/Directive

To bind values set an interval inside controller/directive, and you you will have a variable inside your scope, which holds the data from server. Another way is to use AngularJS events. See how you can do it.

Bind variable inside angularjs directive isolated scope

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework. Read information about the isolated scope methods and the types of AngularJs directive scope. Also, see examples of how to do it.

How to Catch Directive Deletion

AngularJs lets us to use directives and make our code more professional.But sometimes we need to know when our directive has been removed.This snippet will show you how to know it.

How to Change Variables from Outside of a Directive

The way of changing variables depends on the type of scope. See how to change for each type of scope: not inherit, inherit and isolated.

How to Dynamically Change Template URL in Angular JS Directives

TemplateUrl can be not only a value. It can be a function with any arguments, which returns a value as URL. See how it looks.

How to Show Angularjs Filtered Count

There are two ways to count items in a filtered AngularJs list used in ngRepeat: to get filter count either in template or in controller. See how to do it.