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How to Create Mailto Links

Learn about how to create a Mailto link in HTML step by step with examples. See also the downsides that Mailto links can have.

How to Display a Message if JavaScript is Turned Off

If you have a content that will not function without JavaScript, you need to display a message with an explanation of the problem. In this snippet, we are going to have a look at 2 simple methods to display the content when JavaScript is turned off.

How to Manage a Redirect Request after a jQuery Ajax Call

In this JavaScript tutorial, you will read and learn detailed information about the method used for managing a redirect request after a jQuery Ajax call.

How to Redirect a Web Page in HTML

The meta tag with the http-equiv parameter set to Refresh is used to redirect a web page in HTML. Take a look at how you should do it. Practice with examples.

How to Redirect a Web Page with Apache

To redirect web pages in Apache you should add specific rules to a `.htaccess` on an Apache web server. Learn how to do it.

How to Redirect a Web Page with JavaScript

To redirect a URL page with Javascript you need to set the window.location object. Learn how to do it.

How to Redirect a Web Page with Node.js

Learn How to Redirect a Web Page with Node.js? The first step is to include the HTTP module and create a new server, then use the createServer method.

How to Redirect a Web Page with PHP

In PHP, you can use several functions to make a redirect from one web page to another. Learn how to do it accurately with W3docs.

How to Redirect Mobile Devices With JavaScript and CSS

Learn How to Redirect Mobile Devices With JavaScript and CSS. 1.JavaScript Method, 2. CSS @media Method. Fast solution for web developers.

How to Reload a Page using JavaScript

Read the tutorial and learn information about the method of reloading a page using JavaScript. Also, learn how to make the page be loaded automatically.

PHP generate file for download then redirect

In PHP, you can use the header() function to send a "Content-Disposition" header to prompt the user to download a file.

PHP header location-redirect doesn't work - why?

There are several reasons why a PHP header location redirect may not work:

PHP header redirect 301 - what are the implications?

A 301 redirect in PHP using the "header" function tells the browser that the page has permanently moved to a new location.

Redirect with CodeIgniter

In CodeIgniter, you can use the redirect() function to redirect the user's browser to a new page.