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Javascript Intro

What is Javascript?

Javascript is the only way to have a fast, friendly and modern website.

The smartest way to learn JavaScript, is to study this tutorial in the sequence listed on the right menu.

This sequence allows you to build your knowledge, step by step, in the best educational way.

Why to use Javascript?

Javascript programming language is

  • One of the 3 basic languages in web programming
  • Very easy to learn
  • Working with HTML quickly
  • JavaScript to program the behavior of web pages

Javascript Examples

This website contains many examples and you can do it yourself with

W3Docs Editor

What improvement has Javascript?

Javascript Programming language is the language which improves every time and everywhere.

The first improvement of javascript is JQuery, which is a multitude of javascript functions and all you want to do is to use that functions in your applications.

There are many jQuery plugins, which lets you work on your project quickly and to have a nice and a fast website.

Javascript programming language has many frameworks.

Here is the list of frameworks, which are more popular in the world:

  1. AngularJs
  2. BackboneJs
  3. RequireJs
  4. EmberJs
  5. KnockoutJS
  6. Dojo
  7. JavascriptMVC
  8. ExtJS
  9. Maria
  10. etc..

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