PHP get_browser() Function

The get_browser() function in PHP is used to get information about the user's browser, which is determined based on the HTTP User-Agent header that is sent by the client's browser to the server.


The get_browser() function has one mandatory parameter, $return_array, which is a boolean value that specifies whether the function should return an associative array or an object. If $return_array is set to true, the function returns an associative array with the browser's properties. If it is set to false or not provided, the function returns an object.

$browser_info = get_browser(null, true);

The above code will return an array with information about the user's browser. The keys of the array correspond to the properties of the browser, such as browser_name_regex, browser_name_pattern, parent, platform, win16, win32, win64, browser, version, majorver, minorver, cssversion, frames, iframes, tables, cookies, backgroundsounds, javascript, vbscript, javaapplets, activexcontrols, cdf, aol, beta, and win_beta.


$browser_info = get_browser(null, true);
echo "You are using " . $browser_info['browser'] . " version " . $browser_info['version'] . " on " . $browser_info['platform'] . ".";

The above code will output a message with the user's browser name, version, and platform, based on the HTTP User-Agent header that was sent with the request.


The get_browser() function is a useful tool for getting information about the user's browser in PHP, which can be used to optimize the user experience or for debugging purposes. It is important to note that the function depends on the User-Agent header being sent by the browser, which can be manipulated by the user or a malicious actor. Therefore, the information returned by the function should be treated as potentially unreliable and should not be relied on for security purposes.

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