Introduction to PHP Variables

In PHP, a variable is a memory location used to store values. Variables in PHP are denoted by a dollar sign ($), followed by the name of the variable. The value of a variable can be changed, stored and retrieved during the execution of a PHP script.

Declaration of PHP Variables

A variable in PHP can be declared using the following syntax:

$variable_name = value;

where $variable_name is the name of the variable and value is the value assigned to the variable.

It is important to note that the name of a PHP variable must start with a letter or an underscore, and can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores. Additionally, the name of a PHP variable is case-sensitive.

Types of PHP Variables

PHP supports several data types including:

  • String: A sequence of characters, e.g. $name = "John Doe";
  • Integer: A whole number, e.g. $age = 25;
  • Float: A floating-point number, e.g. $average = 7.5;
  • Boolean: A value that can either be TRUE or FALSE, e.g. $is_true = TRUE;
  • Array: A collection of values, e.g. $fruits = array("apple", "banana", "orange");
  • Object: An instance of a user-defined class, e.g. $person = new Person();
  • NULL: Represents a variable with no value, e.g. $email = NULL;

Operations with PHP Variables

PHP variables can be manipulated in several ways, including:

  • Assignment: Assigning a value to a variable, e.g. $name = "John Doe";
  • Arithmetic: Performing arithmetic operations with variables, e.g. $sum = $a + $b;
  • Comparison: Comparing the values of variables, e.g. $is_equal = ($a == $b);
  • Concatenation: Combining the values of two or more variables, e.g. $full_name = $first_name . " " . $last_name;


In conclusion, PHP variables are essential components of PHP scripts, providing a means of storing and manipulating data. Understanding the various types of PHP variables and how to work with them is a crucial step in becoming proficient in PHP programming.

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