The xor keyword in PHP is used as a logical operator that returns TRUE if one of the two expressions is TRUE and the other is FALSE. If both expressions are either TRUE or FALSE, then xor returns FALSE. This is in contrast to the or operator, which returns TRUE if either of the expressions is TRUE.


Here's an example that demonstrates the use of xor in PHP:


$x = 10;
$y = 5;

if ($x > 0 xor $y > 10) {
  echo "One of the expressions is true and the other is false";
} else {
  echo "Both expressions are either true or false";

In the example above, the if statement will evaluate to TRUE because $x > 0 is TRUE and $y > 10 is FALSE. Therefore, the output of the code will be: "One of the expressions is true and the other is false".

It's worth noting that xor has a lower precedence than the and and or operators, so it's important to use parentheses to group expressions properly if needed.

More Information

Here's some more information about the xor operator in PHP:

  • The xor operator is also called the "exclusive or" operator because it returns TRUE only if one of the expressions is TRUE and the other is FALSE, but not if both are TRUE or both are FALSE.
  • The xor operator can be useful in situations where you need to check that only one of two conditions is true, but not both. For example, if you have two checkboxes on a form and you want to make sure that the user selects only one of them, you can use xor to validate the input.
  • In PHP, the xor operator is evaluated from left to right. This means that if the left operand evaluates to TRUE, the right operand will not be evaluated at all. This is called "short-circuit" evaluation.
  • The xor operator can be combined with other operators such as == or != to create more complex expressions. For example, you can use ($x == $y) xor ($a != $b) to check that either $x is equal to $y or $a is not equal to $b, but not both.
  • It's worth noting that the xor operator is not commonly used in PHP programming, and you may find that you can achieve the same results using other operators or control structures. However, it can be a useful tool in certain situations where you need to perform logical operations on Boolean values.

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