Our article is about the PHP function quoted_printable_decode(), which is used to decode a quoted-printable string. This function is useful for working with email messages in PHP. In this article, we will discuss the syntax and usage of quoted_printable_decode(), as well as provide some examples.

The quoted_printable_decode() function is used to decode a quoted-printable string. The syntax of the quoted_printable_decode() function is as follows:

string quoted_printable_decode ( string $str )

The function takes one parameter, $str. The $str parameter is the quoted-printable string to be decoded.

Here is an example of how to use the quoted_printable_decode() function:

$string = 'Hello=20World!';
echo quoted_printable_decode($string);

In this example, we have a string variable $string containing a quoted-printable string. We use the quoted_printable_decode() function to decode the string.

The output of this code will be:

Hello World!

As you can see, the quoted_printable_decode() function has decoded the quoted-printable string into a regular string.

The quoted_printable_decode() function is a useful tool for working with email messages in PHP. It can help you decode quoted-printable strings, which is useful for various purposes such as email message manipulation and validation. By mastering this function, you can become a more proficient PHP developer.

We hope this article has been helpful in understanding the quoted_printable_decode() function in PHP.

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