PHP Function Filesystem PClose

PHP offers a comprehensive set of functions for file system operations. One of them is pclose(), which is used to close a process file pointer opened by popen(). This function is particularly useful for running external commands and scripts and retrieving their output for further processing.


The syntax for pclose() function is as follows:

pclose(resource $handle): void


The function takes only one parameter:

  • $handle: This is the process file pointer that was returned by popen() function.

Return Value

The pclose() function returns NULL on success and FALSE on failure.


Here is an example that demonstrates how to use pclose() function to close a process file pointer:


$handle = popen('ls -la', 'r');
$result = fread($handle, 1024);

In this example, we first open a process file pointer using popen() function to execute the ls -la command. We then read the output of the command using fread() function and finally close the process file pointer using pclose() function.


In conclusion, the pclose() function is a useful tool for running external commands and scripts in PHP. It allows us to open a process file pointer, read its output and then close it. This function is particularly useful when working with system administration tasks or other external processes that require command line execution. By using pclose() function in conjunction with popen(), you can take full advantage of PHP's powerful file system functions.

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