How-to articles, tricks, and solutions about TWIG

Accessing session from TWIG template

In a TWIG template, you can access the session data by using the app.session variable.

AngularJs '{{' and '}}' symbols conflict with Twig

IF you use Symfony as PHP framework and AngularJs as Javascript framework, you will have problems with print function, if you use Twigs

How to display string that contains HTML in twig template?

To display a string that contains HTML in a Twig template, you can use the raw filter.

In Twig, check if a specific key of an array exists

In Twig, you can use the exists function to check if a specific key of an array exists.

The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form

This error message is typically related to a security feature called "Cross-Site Request Forgery" (CSRF) protection.

Twig for loop for arrays with keys

To loop through an array with keys in Twig, you can use the for loop and access the key and value of each element in the array using the loop variable.

Twig ternary operator, Shorthand if-then-else

In PHP, you can use the ternary operator to perform a shorthand if-then-else statement.