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A for-loop to iterate over an enum in Java

To iterate over an enum in Java using a for loop, you can use the values() method of the enum type to get an array of all the enum values, and then use a standard for loop to iterate over the array.

Accessing the index in 'for' loops

To access the index in a 'for' loop in Python, you can use the built-in 'enumerate' function.

Calling remove in foreach loop in Java

If you want to remove elements from a collection while iterating over it using a for-each loop in Java, you must use an iterator instead of the looping construct.

How do I break out of nested loops in Java?

To break out of nested loops in Java, you can use the break statement. The break statement terminates the innermost loop that it is contained in, and transfers control to the statement immediately following the loop.

How do you remove an array element in a foreach loop?

It is generally not recommended to remove array elements while iterating over the array using a foreach loop, because the loop will behave unexpectedly when elements are removed.

Iterate through a HashMap

There are several ways to iterate through a HashMap in Java: Using the for-each loop

Python - TypeError: 'int' object is not iterable

This error message is indicating that you are trying to iterate over an object of type 'int', which is not iterable (i.e.

Traverse a list in reverse order in Python

You can use the reversed() function to iterate through a list in reverse order.

Twig for loop for arrays with keys

To loop through an array with keys in Twig, you can use the for loop and access the key and value of each element in the array using the loop variable.

Ways to iterate over a list in Java

There are several ways to iterate over a List in Java. Here are some of the most common approaches: