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?: operator (the 'Elvis operator') in PHP

The Elvis operator, represented by a question mark followed by a colon (?:), is a ternary operator in PHP that is used to simplify expressions that return a value based on a condition.

Does Python have a ternary conditional operator?

Yes, Python has a ternary operator, also known as the conditional operator or the ternary conditional operator.

How to check if my string is equal to null?

To check if a string is equal to null in Java, you can use the == operator.

How to replace "if" statement with a ternary operator ( ? : )?

Here's how you can replace an "if" statement with a ternary operator in PHP.

Twig ternary operator, Shorthand if-then-else

In PHP, you can use the ternary operator to perform a shorthand if-then-else statement.