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Accessing session from TWIG template

In a TWIG template, you can access the session data by using the app.session variable.


It sounds like you are having an issue with the isset() function in PHP not working properly when checking for a session variable.

How to check if a PHP session is empty?

To check if a PHP session is empty, you can use the empty() function.

How to Expire a PHP Session

On this page, we are going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to expire a PHP session after 30 minutes.

How to fix org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException - could not initialize proxy - no Session

The LazyInitializationException in Hibernate is thrown when an object that has been loaded with a "lazy" fetch type is accessed outside of a valid session.

How to Modify Session Timeout in PHP

In this short snippet, we will represent to you how to modify the session time out with the help of PHP functions.

How to remove a variable from a PHP session array

To remove a variable from a PHP session array, you can use the unset() function.

Laravel - Session store not set on request

It sounds like you are trying to use the Laravel session, but it is not available in the current request.

Location for session files in Apache/PHP

In Apache, the location for session files is determined by the session.save_path configuration directive in your php.ini file.

Passing multiple variables to another page in url

There are several ways to pass variables from one PHP page to another.

PHP Sessions across subdomains

PHP sessions can be shared across subdomains by setting the session cookie's domain to the top-level domain.

PHP: Storing 'objects' inside the $_SESSION

In PHP, the $_SESSION superglobal is used to store data that needs to persist across multiple page requests.

proper way to logout from a session in PHP

To properly log out of a session in PHP, you can use the session_destroy() function.