How to make each word of the text start with a capital letter?

Using CSS text-transform to Start Each Word with a Capital Letter

The correct answer is text-transform: capitalize;. This property in CSS is used to change the text case in HTML documents. When it is set to capitalize, it converts the first letter of each word in the text to uppercase.

Let's understand the applications of this property through a practical example:

p {
  text-transform: capitalize;

In the above CSS code snippet, all paragraphs (<p> tags) on the webpage will start every single word with a capital letter. For instance, if you have a paragraph "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog", it will be displayed as "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog".

It's important to note that the text-transform property does not change the actual text content. It only changes its appearance. Hence, these changes are not captured in copy-pasting operations.

Apart from capitalize, there are other values for text-transform property as well:

  • uppercase: Converts all letters of the text to uppercase.
  • lowercase: Converts all letters of the text to lowercase.
  • none: No capitalization is applied.
  • full-width: Changes the text to full-width characters, useful for alignment in some languages.

Best practices recommend using CSS transformations for text cases instead of manually editing text. This method provides a consistent user interface experience across the website and ensures the efficiency and maintenance of HTML content.

Remember, aesthetically pleasing text contributes to the positive user experience. However, use of all-capital letters should be limited as it gives the impression of shouting.

In conclusion, the text-transform property in CSS is a versatile tool for transforming text without changing the original content. It makes the text more readable and is especially useful when displaying dynamic content where case-style adherence is uncertain.

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