How do you make a list not display bullet points?

Understanding List-Style-Type in CSS

One of the most common styles that web developers modify when designing a page is the appearance of lists. HTML provides us with bulleted or numbered lists that can make it easier to present or organize information clearly. However, there may be situations where you want to create a list without the default bullet points. In such scenarios, CSS comes to our rescue with the property: list-style-type.

The correct answer to the quiz question is "list-style-type: none;". This property-value pair, when applied to an unordered list (<ul>), removes the bullet points that usually appear next to each list item (<li>).

Practical Application

Assume you have an unordered list in your HTML:


By default, each list item will have a bullet point next to it. However, if you want to remove these bullet points, you can use the CSS property list-style-type:

ul {
  list-style-type: none;

This code will remove the bullet points from your list, giving you a clean, streamlined design.

Additional Insight

The list-style-type property in CSS doesn't just stop at removing bullet points. You can use this property to control the appearance of the list marker. CSS offers various values for list-style-type like circle, square, decimal, lower-alpha, and more, allowing for substantial versatility in how your lists can look.

Additionally, always remember to consider user experience when deciding to remove bullet points from your lists. Bullet points can aid user readability by clearly delineating different points. If you decide to remove them, ensure your list items are still easy for users to distinguish and comprehend.

Understand that CSS is a powerful tool for modifying the appearance of your website, but always make any changes with your users' needs in mind!

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