Which tag is used to make a text bold?

Understanding Bold Text Tags in HTML

When it comes to emphasizing certain sections of text in HTML, developers have several options at their disposal. Among these are the <strong> and <b> tags, both of which are used to render text as bold on a webpage.

The &lt;strong&gt; Tag

The <strong> tag is a phrase tag, which is used to define important text. When this tag is applied, not only does it make the text visually bold, but it also conveys to the web browser (and any assistive technology, like screen readers) that this text has a stronger emphasis.

<p>The quick brown fox <strong>jumps</strong> over the lazy dog.</p>

In the example above, the word "jumps" will be displayed as bold, signaling to the reader that this word holds particular significance.

The &lt;b&gt; Tag

Similarly, the <b> tag also styles text as bold. However, unlike the <strong> tag, it does not confer any additional semantic importance. It's used purely for visual styling.

<p>The quick brown fox <b>jumps</b> over the lazy dog.</p>

In the example above, while "jumps" appears bold to the viewer, it is not structurally presented, like with the <strong> tag, as being more important or emphasized.

Best Practices and Insights

While it might seem that <strong> and <b> are interchangeable due to their similar visual outcomes, it's important to understand the difference in their usage. <strong> should be used when you want to particularly emphasize a section of the text, conveying its importance to accessibility tools and search engines. On the other hand, <b> should be employed for stylistic purposes, when the text is meant to stand out visually, but doesn't necessarily carry additional importance.

Please note that previously existing <bold> tag does not exist in HTML, and <em> is used to make the text italic, not bold.

When constructing your webpage, good practice demands keeping in mind not just how your page looks, but also how it can be interpreted by search engines and assistive technologies, ensuring a well-rounded and considerate user experience.

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