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How to Detect Browser with PHP

Browser detection is used to determine the web browser a visitor is using and to serve browser-appropriate content to the visitor. Know how to do it with PHP.

How to fix "set SameSite cookie to none" warning?

To fix the "set SameSite cookie to none" warning in PHP, you will need to specify the SameSite attribute when you set the cookie.

How to set and get Cookie in laravel

To set a cookie in Laravel, you can use the Cookie facade.

PHP - setcookie(); not working

There are several reasons why the setcookie() function may not be working.

PHP setcookie "SameSite=Strict"?

The "SameSite=Strict" attribute is a security feature that can be added to a cookie when using the PHP setcookie() function.

setcookie, Cannot modify header information - headers already sent

The error message "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent" typically occurs when a PHP script attempts to send a cookie or redirect the user's browser to a different page, but some output has already been sent to the browser.


PHPSESSID is a session cookie that is used to identify a user's session on a website.