How-to articles, tricks, and solutions about BROWSER

How to Check a Webpage is Loaded Inside an iframe or into the Browser Window

Read this JavaScript tutorial and find a working code for checking whether the webpage is loaded inside an iFrame or directly into the browser window.

How to Clear Local Storage JavaScript

Read this JavaScript tutorial and learn useful information about localStorage and methods that clear the local storage of records for a specific domain.

How to Create a Scroll Indicator with JavaScript

Know how to create a scrollbar indicator element on your webpage which indicates how far the user has scrolled down the page. Use a little JavaScript code to animate your webpage bar.

How to Detect Browser with PHP

Browser detection is used to determine the web browser a visitor is using and to serve browser-appropriate content to the visitor. Know how to do it with PHP.

How to Get the Browser Viewport Dimensions

Read this JavaScript tutorial and learn information about two sets of properties that are used to obtain the height and width of the viewport dimension.

How to Read Request Headers in PHP

The given snippet explores how to read request readers in PHP. Read it and learn the most helpful methods of reading any request headers in PHP.