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How to Add HTML Entities with the CSS content Property

HTML provides entity name or entity number to use reserved characters. Learn how you can add HTML entities to your code with the CSS content property.

How to Align the Content of a Div Element to the Bottom

Let’s see how we can align the content of a div to the bottom by using the modern way with flexbox. Also see examples!

How to Center the Content Vertically and Horizontally Using Flexbox

Learn the steps to center the content vertically and horizontally with Flexbox. Also, find examples!

How to Find All Files Containing Specific Text on Linux

Learn How to Find All Files Containing Specific Text on Linux with W3docs tutorial. Also, try the examples yourself and see the results.

How to Make an HTML <div> Element not Larger Than its Content

How to Make a Div not Larger Than its Contents. Create <div> with the class "box". Place <h2> tag in the div and write some content in it. Fast solution!

How to Scale the Content of <iframe> Element

Scaling the content of an <iframe> may be needed if you want to display an object in the area not matching its original size. Read and find possible solutions.

How to Use Font Awesome Icon as Content in CSS

Today, icon fonts are quite common, and more and more developers are taking advantage of them in their designs. See how you can add them as a content.