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How to Sort an Array of Associative Arrays by Value of a Given Key in PHP

If you want to learn how to sort an array of associative arrays by value of a given key in PHP, then read our tutorial. Here, you can find handy solutions.

How to Sort an Array of Integers

Read this JavaScript tutorial and learn useful information about the logic of the sort() method which will help you sort an array of integers correctly.

How to Sort Array Alphabetically in JavaScript

Read this JavaScript tutorial and learn the two methods of sorting the elements of an array in alphabetical order based on the values of the elements.

How to Sort JavaScript Object by Key

In this JavaScript tutorial, you will read and learn information about a functional method of sorting an object by key supported by all major browsers.

How to Split a Comma Delimited String to an Array with PHP

On this page, we are going to provide you with comprehensive information about a common PHP issue: how to split a comma delimited string into an array.

How to Split a String Breaking at a Particular Character in JavaScript

Read this tutorial and find two easy and fast methods of splitting the string breaking at a particular character in JavaScript. Also, find and try examples.

How to Split Array into Chunks

Read the tutorial and find several easy and fast approaches to splitting a JavaScript array into smaller chunks. Choose one of the methods and try examples.

How to use angularjs filters

Learn How to use Angularjs filters. AngularJs lets us create custom filters and use it like you use other filters. Try examples yourself and see the result.

How to Use Callbacks in PHP

Here, we will demonstrate how to use standard callbacks, static class method callbacks, object method callbacks, as well as closure callbacks in PHP.

How to Use echo, print, and print_r in PHP

While working with PHP, every developer should know how to use echo, print, as well as print_r. Read our snippet to learn about these crucial parts of PHP.

How to Use serialize() and unserialize() in PHP

This tutorial can be quite helpful for you, if you are interested in using the PHP serialize() and unserialized() functions in your programming practice.

How to Use the expm1() Function in PHP

In this snippet, you will find comprehensive and helpful guidelines on how to use the expm1() function in PHP.

How to Use the func_get_arg() Function in PHP

In this snippet, we will demonstrate to you how to use one of the common PHP functions: func_get_arg().

How to Write a Function that Accepts Any Number of Arguments in JavaScript

Read this JavaScript tutorial and find two easy methods of writing a function that will accept an indefinite number of arguments. See and try examples.

JavaScript: bind() vs apply() and call()

Read this JavaScript tutorial and learn about the main differences between the function prototype methods: bind(), call() and apply() and their usages.

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