How to Split a String Breaking at a Particular Character in JavaScript

In this tutorial, you will find the easiest ways of splitting the string in small chunks breaking at a particular character.

For example, you have the following string:

jack brown~132 Street~Apt 20~New Jersey~NJ~12345

For splitting the strings, we should use the split() method like this:

Javascript split method
let input = 'jack brown~132 Street~Apt 20~New Jersey~NJ~12345'; let fields = input.split('~'); let name = fields[0]; let street = fields[1]; console.log(name); console.log(street);

According to ECMAScript6, the cleanest way is destructing arrays in the following way:

Javascript split method
const INPUT = 'jack brown~132 Street~Apt 20~New Jersey~NJ~12345'; const [name, street, unit, city, state, zip] = INPUT.split('~'); console.log(name); // jack brown console.log(street); // 132 Street console.log(unit); // Apt 20 console.log(city); // New Jersey console.log(state); // NJ console.log(zip); // 12345

The split() Method

The split() method cuts the string into substrings, puts them into an array, and returns the array. The division is accomplished by searching for a pattern, where it is provided as the first parameter in the call of the method.