How to Get the Last Characters of a String

There are several methods used to get the last character of a string. In this tutorial you can find the simple solution for your case.

You can use the Javascript string method .substr() combined with the length property.

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let id = "example_String1"; let lastSeven = id.substr(id.length - 7); // "String1" console.log(lastSeven); let lastChar = id.substr(id.length - 1); // "1" console.log(lastChar);

The substr() method returns a section of the string, starting at the specified index and continuing to a given number of characters afterward.

Another method is .slice() which is used to get the last characters of the string:

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const id = "example_String1"; console.log(id.slice(id.length - 7)); // "String1" console.log(id.slice(id.length - 1)); // "1"

The .slice() method takes out parts of a string and returns the extracted parts in a new string. This method is a better method to use for getting the last characters as it provides cross-browser compatibility.


The strings are used to store and manipulate text in JavaScript. There is no any separate type for a single character. The string's internal format is always UTF-16. A string represents zero or more characters that are written inside quotes. The length property is used to find the length of a string.

Typing the property correctly is very important. If you mistype it by calling str.length() instead of just str.length, it will not work.