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How the Keyword “this” Works

In this tutorial, you can find information about the usage of the keyword “this” in JavaScript. Here, it works differently compared with other languages.

How to Access the Correct “this” Inside a Callback

In the following tutorial, you can find the answer to one of the most common issues in JavaScript: how to access the correct “this” inside a callback.

How to Get the Children of the $(this) Selector

Getting the children of the $(this) selector is one of the common issues in modern JavaScript. Find the most proper answer to the problem in this snippet.

How to Get the data-id Attribute

Read this tutorial and learn the right ways of getting the data-id attribute using jQuery two methods. Also, learn more information about the two methods.

How to Get the ID of the Element that Fired an Event in jQuery

This tutorial provides you the method of getting the id of the element fired an event in jQuery. Read about the property and this keyword.

JavaScript: bind() vs apply() and call()

Read this JavaScript tutorial and learn about the main differences between the function prototype methods: bind(), call() and apply() and their usages.

What is the “new” Keyword in JavaScript

Here, you will find a quick overview of the “new” keyword in JavaScript. You need to understand it properly for the more effective usage of JavaScript.