Which of the following is the correct way to write “Welcome to W3docs” on the web page?

Understanding the Usage of document.write() in JavaScript

The correct way to write "Welcome to W3docs" on a webpage is by using document.write() method in JavaScript. This method is used to write directly to the HTML output stream. It can be invoked to output dynamic content on an HTML page.

Practical Example

To write "Welcome to W3docs" on a webpage, you would use the following syntax in JavaScript:

document.write("Welcome to W3docs");

When a browser reads this JavaScript command, it will display the text "Welcome to W3docs" on the webpage. This is a direct, straightforward way of displaying content on your webpage using JavaScript.

Understanding Other Incorrect Options

  • system.out.println("Welcome to W3docs"); - This is a print statement in Java, not JavaScript. It's used to print messages in the Java console, not on a webpage.

  • print("Welcome to W3docs"); - In JavaScript, 'print()' is a window method that prints the contents of the current window. It is not used to display content on an HTML page.

  • response.write("Welcome to W3docs"); - This is a method used in ASP.NET (a server-side scripting language) to send output to HTTP response.

Best Practices and Additional Insights

While document.write() can be helpful, use this method judiciously. If it's used after an HTML document is fully loaded, it will overwrite the entire content of the webpage, which may not be the desired effect.

It is recommended to limit the use of document.write() for testing or simple tasks. For more interactive elements or dynamically-generated content, JavaScript provides other methods and functions, such as innerHTML or Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation that provide safer and more versatile control over the webpage content.

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