Which of the following is the correct syntax for opening a new window called "w3docs"?

The Correct Syntax for Opening a New Window in JavaScript

The correct syntax for opening a new window in JavaScript named "w3docs" is w3docs = window.open("http://www.w3docs.com");.

This code uses the window.open() method, which is provided by the Window interface in JavaScript. This interface represents a window containing a DOM document and the window.open() method can be used to open a new browsing context, i.e., a new tab or window.

The window.open() method takes one mandatory argument, which is the URL of the page to be opened in the new window. This method also has optional parameters like the name of the window, specifications (like window size, position, whether the window is resizable etc.), and a boolean value that indicates whether the URL should replace the current browser history entry.

When invoking window.open(), a reference to the new window is returned, which can be stored in a variable. This allows you to manipulate the new window programmatically.

Let's break down the code:

w3docs = window.open("http://www.w3docs.com");

In this code, window.open("http://www.w3docs.com") opens a new window with the URL "http://www.w3docs.com", and the return value (a reference to the new window) is assigned to the variable w3docs. This way, we can refer to the new window as w3docs in subsequent code.

This method is often used to create pop-ups or new tabs in the current browser. However, because it can be misused for disturbing functionalities such as pop-up ads, it may be blocked by some browsers' pop-up blocker settings. Therefore, it's important to use it carefully and responsibly, considering user experience.

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