TypeError: 'module' object is not callable

This error message typically occurs when you are trying to call a module as if it were a function. Here is an example of code that would trigger this error:

import mymodule

mymodule()  # This will raise the "TypeError: 'module' object is not callable"

In this example, mymodule is a module that has been imported, but it is not a function and cannot be called. Instead, you would need to access the specific function or object within the module that you want to use.

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For example, if the module has a function called myfunction, you would call it like this:

import mymodule

mymodule.myfunction()  # This will call the function correctly

Or if the module has a variable you want to call

import mymodule

print(mymodule.myvariable)  # This will call the variable correctly

It's also possible that the module has been overridden by the same name variable or function in the current scope, in such case you can use importlib.reload() to reload the module

import importlib

It's also possible that the module name is same as one of the python built-in module, in such case you can use from mymodule import * to import the variable or function you need.