Reading binary file and looping over each byte

Here is an example code snippet that demonstrates how to read a binary file and loop over each byte in Python:

with open("file.bin", "rb") as binary_file:
    # Read the entire file into a byte array
    byte_array =

    # Loop through each byte in the byte array
    for byte in byte_array:
        # Do something with the byte

In this example, the binary file is opened using the open() function with the "rb" mode, which tells Python to open the file in binary mode for reading. The with statement is used to ensure that the file is properly closed after it is read.

The read() method is then used to read the entire contents of the file into a byte array.

The for loop is used to iterate over each byte in the byte array, and the print() function is used to print out the value of the current byte. In the actual code, you will replace the print statement with your own processing of the byte.