How do I install a Python package with a .whl file?

To install a Python package with a .whl file, you can use the pip command. Here is an example code snippet:

pip install package_name.whl

Make sure to replace package_name.whl with the actual name of the .whl file you want to install.

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You can also install from the local directory by providing the path of the .whl file:

pip install path/to/package_name.whl

You may also use the --user option to install the package in the user directory:

pip install --user package_name.whl

You can also use -U or --upgrade option to upgrade the package if it's already installed.

pip install -U package_name.whl

It's also a good practice to run the command with --no-cache-dir option to ensure that the package is not being installed from cache.

pip install --no-cache-dir package_name.whl

Please make sure to have the correct version of python and pip before installing the package.