Does Django scale?

Django is a web framework that is designed to handle high traffic and can scale to meet the demands of a large number of users. However, the exact way in which Django scales will depend on the specific implementation and the underlying infrastructure.

Here is a code snippet that demonstrates how to use Django's built-in caching framework to cache the results of a database query:

from django.core.cache import cache

def get_expensive_data():
    data = cache.get('expensive_data')
    if data is None:
        data = ExpensiveModel.objects.filter(...)
        cache.set('expensive_data', data)
    return data

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This code uses the cache to store the results of the expensive database query, so that the query only needs to be executed once. Subsequent requests for the same data can be served from the cache, which is much faster and reduces the load on the database server.

Django also supports other scalability features like load balancing, database sharding and more.