Converting unix timestamp string to readable date

You can use the datetime module in Python to convert a UNIX timestamp string to a readable date. Here is an example:

import datetime

# UNIX timestamp string
timestamp = "1588291200"

# Convert timestamp to datetime object
readable_date = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(int(timestamp))


The fromtimestamp() method takes a UNIX timestamp as an argument and returns a datetime object. The int() function is used to convert the timestamp string to an integer.

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Note that the returned datetime object is in the local timezone, if you want to change it to a specific timezone you can use the pytz library.

from datetime import datetime
import pytz

unix_ts = 1588291200

#convert unix timestamp to datetime
dt_object = datetime.fromtimestamp(unix_ts)

#set timezone to UTC
tz = pytz.timezone('UTC')
dt_object = dt_object.replace(tzinfo=tz)


In this example the datetime object will be in UTC timezone.