Converting unix timestamp string to readable date

You can use the datetime module in Python to convert a UNIX timestamp string to a readable date. Here is an example:

import datetime

# UNIX timestamp string
timestamp = "1588291200"

# Convert timestamp to datetime object
readable_date = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(int(timestamp))


The fromtimestamp() method takes a UNIX timestamp as an argument and returns a datetime object. The int() function is used to convert the timestamp string to an integer.

Note that the returned datetime object is in the local timezone, if you want to change it to a specific timezone you can use the pytz library.

from datetime import datetime
import pytz

unix_ts = 1588291200

#convert unix timestamp to datetime
dt_object = datetime.fromtimestamp(unix_ts)

#set timezone to UTC
tz = pytz.timezone('UTC')
dt_object = dt_object.replace(tzinfo=tz)


In this example the datetime object will be in UTC timezone.