Queued Laravel jobs all fire simultaneously, and don't show up in the jobs table

This issue could be caused by a few different things. One possibility is that your queue worker is not running or is not configured correctly. In Laravel, you can start a queue worker by running the command php artisan queue:work. Make sure that this command is running and that it is configured to use the correct queue connection.

Another possibility is that your jobs are not being added to the queue correctly. Make sure that you are using the correct syntax for adding jobs to the queue, and that you are using the appropriate method for the type of job you are trying to add (e.g. dispatch for jobs that should be run immediately, or dispatchLater for jobs that should be run at a later time).

Finally, make sure that your jobs table exists and is configured correctly in your database. Check the migration and ensure that the table is created and has the correct columns.

If you are still facing the same issue please provide the error message and the code that you are running.